Understanding Case Study Writing

18 May

Are you a college student who gets loads of writing assignments every now and then?

While you manage to take care of most of the writing assignments and have found your way around essays and term papers, writing a case study seems next to impossible.

Let me tell you; it’s not impossible. I mean it does require a little bit of understanding and hard work, but you can get it done.

Everything you need to write and understand a case study is mentioned in this article. So, dive in headfirst and expect to come out an expert on case study writing haha!

What is a case study?

Case study is a tool, research methodology or a method of analysis. It is a way to gather extensive knowledge and information about a person, a group of people, a problem, or a phenomenon to find results that will prove useful in figuring out future trends and eliminating existing mistakes.

The aim of a case study shouldn’t be simply finding information but understanding the issue and proposing different strategies to eradicate the problem from society.

Case studies are mostly used in the fields of business sciences, social sciences and life sciences.

What are the different types of case studies?

·         Illustrative Case Studies

·         Cumulative Case Studies

·         Exploratory (or pilot) Case Studies

·         Critical Instance Case Studies

What are the basic elements of a case study?

·         An Explanation of the problem at hand

·         An Explanation of the proposed solution and implementation strategies

·         A brief summary of the results and the effectiveness of the proposed solution

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