18 May

Do you like reading or writing poetry? Every time you see something beautiful and close to nature, do you want to capture the moment in your writing?


If you are just writing for yourself, you don’t have to perfect and might not need any tips for writing. That is only to for you, as a hobby or to express yourself. Simply write whatever you are feeling in a rhythmic manner.

Here are a few tips that can help you with your poetry writing.

What do you want to accomplish from your writing?

 Before starting anything, you should be aware of your end goal. This rule is not limited to write a poetry. No matter what you are doing, you just be aware of your goal. That will help you develop a strategy and execute it in a specific manner.

Use Metaphors and Similes

Using Metaphors and similes help the readers understand your message by relating to other similar things. Metaphors and similes help bring visuals and imagery into your writing.

Use solid and concrete words in your writing

As a creative writer, write your poem in a way that it becomes easy for your readers to understand and visualize your content. Avoid using abstract words or feelings in your poem.

Be original in your writing

You don’t have to be extraordinary with your poem. All you need is an original idea with your perception to write a beautiful poem for your readers.  

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