Book And Lab Report Writing Basics

18 May

What is a book report?

A book report is a formal and informative piece of writing where unlike a book review you aren’t required to give your personal opinions and perform a deep analysis.

A book report is much simpler than writing a book review; here you discuss the contents of the book provide background information about the author and his/her background to help the reader understand the author’s point of view.

Along with that, a book report summarizes important aspects such as the story, plot, setting and characters.

Remember, that the reason your professor has assigned a book report is to check your level of understanding of the book.

What is a lab report?

 A lab report explains how an experiment was carried out, what was learned and significance of the results.

Lab reports are basically made to analyze a scientific process and the main goal is to

·         conduct a research,

·         increase your understanding about the scientific process,

·         develop a hypothesis,

·         find evidence to support your hypothesis,

·         provide enough details to allow someone else to replicate the study,

·         test the hypothesis by applying statistics,

·         analyze the obtained results.

Moving on to the structure of a lab report. Different lab reports may vary due to their length and format, but following are some of the essentials:

·         Title page

·         Title

·         Abstract

·         Introduction/purpose

·         Materials

·         Methods

·         Data results

·         Discussion/analysis

·         Conclusion

·         Figure and graphs

·         References

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